Location: Munich, Bayern, Germany

Friday, October 27, 2006

Accommodation in Munich

There are a great many hotels and hostels in the centre of Munich. A selection of both is listed below along with the address and a web address of their details. All have English speaking staff available and are within 10-15 minutes walk of the museum.

The Hotel Koenigswache is the closest being less than 5 minutes walk away, and the Intercity Hotel is actually built into the Hauptbahnhof and is especially easy to find as a result.

In selecting other hotels, the museum is in the postcode (zipcode) area D-80333, but both 80335 and 80336 are very close by.

If you are happy to share a room to keep costs down, please inform me and I will put you in touch with others with the same intent so that you can plan together. Prices should be fairly reasonable, the meeting will be held outside of the summer season, and more than 10 dayes before the start of Octoberfest in Munich so there are no big events on to push up the prices.

Mark Hotel, Senefelderstr. 12. MUNICH, D-80336

Intercity Hotel, Bayerstrasse 10, Munich 80335, Germany

Hotel Flora, Karlstr. 49, D-80333, Mue�nchen

Hotel Italia, Schillerstr. 19, D-80336 Munich

Koenigswache, Steinheilstraße 7, D-80333, Munich

A&O City Hotel Arnulfstr. 102, D80333 Munich

Einhorn hotel, Paul heyse Strass 10, D80336, Munich.

Meininger City hostel, Landsberger Strasse 20, D-80339, Munich

Wombats City Hostel, Senefelderstrasse 1, D-80336 Munich

Euro Youth hostel, Senefelderstrasse 5, D-80336 Munich

4 you Muenchen, Hirtenstra�e 18, D-80335 Munich

A&O City Hostel Arnulfstr. 102, D80333 Munich (this is not a repeat, there is both a hotel and a hostel in the building!).


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