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Friday, August 10, 2007

FLUGSAURIER 2007 - final notes

Dear All,

Following a late flurry on interest we should have a total of just over 55 delegates at the Munich meeting. There will be a total of 28 talks plus 20 posters covering the full range of pterosaur biology and evolution.

Obviously we are now fully closed for abstracts etc. but people are still welcome to attend. There are a few minor things that should be brought up to try and make the whole process as smooth as possible, so do please bear with me.

First of all, as far as I am aware, Peter Wellnhofer still does not know of his importance in this event. Oliver Rauhut and I spoke to his wife recently and he does not seem to realise that it is in his honour. I assume he will find out before the Tuesday morning, but please do not spoil the surprise! I should add that for those who cannot attend the meeting, if you wish to convey a message to him (to be read out, or given to him personally) then please send it to me by e-mail or post and I can take care of this.

Registration is possible on the Monday (10th) from 16:00 to 18:00 in the main hall of the museum, and then again from 09:00 till 10:00 on Tuesday. It should be possible to register before then on the Monday if you happen to be in the museum, but please be aware that we will be very busy on your behalf! Payment should be in Euros and having the correct change will help up immensely.

Directions to the museum from the airport and train station and maps are online at the website but I can send them by e-mail if you require further help. You can contact me on the phone number below, or on my cell phone at 01702989342 if you are lost and we will try to help you get here.

Oral presentations will be made on electronic projectors. We are power point capable and the base unit will be a PC. However we also expect to have a Mac available. Nevertheless, please try and make sure your presentations are PC compatible. Traditional slide projects and an OHP are available on request. Talks are 20 minutes in duration *including* time for questions, so please aim to speak for 15-18 minutes.

We will provide tea, coffee, juice and biscuits during the breaks but you will have to arrange you own lunches. There are many cheap restaurants nearby and we have also arranged for you to use the university cafateria.

For the conference dinner as stated drinks are not paid for and will have to be taken care of on the night, so do remember to bring some money. Dress is not formal - I would like a relatively relaxed atmosphere so do not feel obliged to come in a suit (although a Hawaiian shirt and shorts might not be appropriate either!).

I have had much interest in the viewing of our specimens, both those in our collections and also those 'guest' specimens that will be here for the meeting. Although Thursday afternoon is reserved for this there are obviously a lot of delegates and a lot of specimens and only limited space and microscopes. Do please be patient with us and we will try to get everyone to see everything. We will try to arrange extra access during lunchtimes and early evenings, but we are at the mercy of numbers and closing times.

There is a slight update on the fieldtrip with good and bad news. The bad news is that the Solnhofen museum intend to charge us their normal entrance fee, so I will have to ask delegates to pay the additional 2 Euros on arrival. My apologies, but as you have surely noticed we are running this meeting as cheaply as possible and had nut budgeted for this. However, far better new, the Jura museum have very kindly dipped into their own pockets and will provide a free lunch for all the delegates!

Those wishing to submit manuscripts to the special volume of Zitteliana are still welcome to do so. If possible I would like to have these manuscripts at the meeting. However, a formal submission date has been set as the 19th of October thus giving you all 4 weeks from the end of the meeting. These should be submitted electronically to both myself and Eric Buffetaut. We will then review papers (in conjunction with other reviewers where necessary) and then make our decisions. We hope to have room for everything we receive (provided it is of sufficient quality), but me may yet have to turn down manuscripts.

I have only 2 people registered for vegetarian meals (Tamara Fletcher & Edina Prondvai). If there are others and I have missed you out, then please let me know.

Although the meeting takes place a full week before the Munich Oktoberfest begins, hotels are filling up and I suggest delegates make plans for their accommodation as soon as possible if they have not done so already. There is a list available on the Flugsaurier website, but there are plenty more if you search online, almost all of which are in the centre of town and thus close to the museum.

Finally, do please bring reprints, books, data, PDFs, models, casts and anything else that may be of interest to your fellow delegates. We have a great opportunity to exchange information and sadly many papers (especially those not published in English, or only in meeting handbooks) are not always accessible to others and here we can ensure that many of these are passed on.

We are still open to other people attending the meeting should anyone raise a very later interest, so do please pass on any enquiries to me.

I look forward to seeing you all very shortly,



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