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Friday, August 10, 2007

Directions to the Museum:

I thought it was worth bringing this post back to the top to make life easier! Lists of hotels and hostels are still on the blog but much futher down! Do e-mail me if you are having problems.

From the Airport:
Exiting either terminal (1 or 2) follow the signs for the S-bahn (suburban lines). This is a large white ā€˜Sā€™ in a green square.

The S bahn lines 1 and 8 both run from the airport to the centre of the city (central station: Hauptbahnhof), but in opposite directs. The S1 takes around 55 minutes the S8 around 45 minutes. Both leave the station every and 20 minutes.

Tickets can be bought from counters or ticket machines (generally accepting both Euros and credit cards). A single into the centre is currently 8.80E (zones 1-4). Once you have bought you ticket do not forget to have it stamped or it is not valid!

Get off the train at hauptbahnhof. The station announcements on these lines is in German and English so it should be easy to find.

There is also an express coach running directly from the airport to Hauptbahnhof run by Lufthansa. It goes every 20 mintes and should be slightly cheaper than the train. Sadly I do not know where to get tickets (I think they are bought from the coach driver), or where it leaves from. However, the airport is pretty small so it should be easy to find. You do not have to be a Lufthansa passenger to use the service.

From the Hauptbahnhof (main train station):
There are two choices from here.

One can switch to the U-bahn (urban lines, effectively a metro service) which is a white U in a blue circle. Take the U2 line (red) heading north (towards station Feldmoching) one stop to Konigsplatz. Trains run about ever 5 minutes. At some times of day and additional service (the U8) runs on the same lies as the U2 and this can also be taken.

Get off the train and take the exit at the front of the train on the left hand side (Brienner Str/ LuisenStr exit). This will bring you into Konigsplatz. On your right will be a large Greek-style gateway with Brienner Strasse running left to right in front of you. Cross Brienner Str and turn left. Almost immediately on your right is the entrance to Richard-Wanger Str. The museum is the building facing down the street as you turn into R-W Str.

On foot:
Follow the exit signs for Bahnhof-platz, Walk north away from thestation up Banh-hof platz. This road will turn into Luisenstrasse bending around to the right (it goes past an enormous modern art structure of a red iron circle). Walk up Luisenstrasse until you hit Brienner Strasse and Konigsplatz, then follow the directions above to the museum (left up Brienner Str. and then right into Richard-Wagner-Strasse).

As a useful hint all U-bahn and S-bahn stops and most bus stops have a large-scale map of the local area so if you are lost these can be of great help.


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