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Monday, August 13, 2007

Yet more on the museum & the meeting.

As I mentioned recently, in conjunction with the Flugsaurier meeting we have recently opened a new small exhibition on pterosaurs here at the PSPG. I look forward to 60 pterosaur researchers coming here to criticise what Oliver Rauhut and I created. A few photos from it are presented here in this post. I would like to thank Luis Rey, Dino Frey, Helmut Tischliner, John Sibbick, Dave Unwin and Luis Chiappe for kindly donating photos for us to use.

While I have a few people's attention I thought I should promote a couple of websites here. For those that do not know it, I am running a science education website called Ask A Biologist. Oli & his wife Adriana have also recently set up a new website for the research group here at the BSPG and can be seen at Mesozoic Vertebrates. I expect it will be of interest to many of you as it covers ongoing research projects, lists papers and covers the background of the researchers.

Since several people have asked me, I have posted a list of all of the titles of the talks and posters for the meeting. Hopefully it will not put anyone off! It is in the order of the name of the first author.

Andres B – Pterosaur systematics.

Bennett SC - Reconstruction of forelimb musculature of pterosaurs: implications for evolution of the pterosaur wing.

Browning L, Palmer C, Rayfield E, Wilkinson M, & Benton MJ - Modeling the flexible wings of a large pterosaur.

Buffetaut E - Pterosaur wing bones from the Early and Late Cretaceous of France.

Claessens L, O’Connor P & Unwin DM - Lung ventilation in pterosaurs.

Cunningham J & Conway J – Potential for quadrupedal launch in Azhdarchoid pterosaurs

Deeming DC & Unwin DM – Eggshell structure and its implications for pterosaur reproductive biology and physiology

Elgin RA, Palmer C, Hone DWE, Frey E & Greenwell D - Areodynamic function of the pterosaur cranial crest

Fastnacht M - Why did they do it THAT way? A study of the pterosaur skull construction and their evolutionary pathways

Habib M - Structural characteristics of the humerus of Bennettazhia oregonensis and their implications for specimen diagnosis and azhdarchoid biomechanics.

Hone DWE – Mutual sexual selection in pterosaurs.

Kellner AWA – New information on Thalassodromeus and Tupuxuara (Tapejaridae, Pterodactyloidea) from the Santana Formation, Brazil.

Lockley M – Formal growth dynamics may trump functionalism as an explanation for limb proportions in pterosaurs and other higher vertebrate clades.

Lockley M, Mitchell L, Brehaupt B & Harris J - A global overview of pterosaur ichnology: tracksite distribution in space and time.

Lü JC, Xu L & Ji Q - On the phylogeny and diversity of Chinese pterosaurs

Martill D - Evidence for catastrophic trauma in azhdarchoid and ornithocheirid skulls from the Santana Formation (Cretaceous, ?Albian) of Brazil

Marugan-Lobon J & Unwin DM - The geometry of the pterosaur skull

Meijer HJM, Van der Meij MME, van Waveren I & Veldmeijer AJ - Linking skull morphology to feeding in Tapejaridae: adaptations to frugivory in Tapejara wellnhoferi.

Naish D - Lower Cretaceous pterosaur diversity in Europe: a new look.

O’Conner P, Claessens L, & Unwin DM – Postcranial pneumaticity in pterosaurs: perspectives on pulmonary structure and the evolution of body size.

Peters D - The origin and radiation of the Pterosauria.

Rodrigues T - Comments on the taxonomy of the genera Coloborhynchus and Anhanguera (Pterosauria, Pterodactyloidea, Anhangueridae).

Sayão J - New Data on the pterosaur fauna from the Crato Member, Santana Formation, Araripe Basin, Northeast Brazil.

Stecher R – A new pterosaur find from the late Triassic of Switzerland.

Unwin DM - When pterosaurs came down from the trees: terrestrial locomotor styles and their implications for pterosaur ecology and evolutionary history.

Witton M – Pterosaur heavyweights: a new approach to investigating pterosaur mass and its implications for pterosaur flight.

Wellnhofer P – A short history of pterosaur research.

Apesteguia S, Ősi A & Haluza A - New pterosaur remains (Archosauria, Ornithodira) from the Late Cretaceous of Argentina and an evaluation of the Late Cretaceous South American record.

Barrett PM, Butler RJ, Edwards N, Milner AR & Steel L - Pterosaur distribution: a global database.

Company J - First record of toothed pterosaurs (Pterodactyloidea, Ornithocheiridae) from Albian deposits of the Iberian Peninsula (Utrillas Formation, Southeastern Iberian Range, Spain).

Conway J - The forelimb musculature of Anhanguera.

Fletcher T, Salisbury SW & Cook AG – New pterosaur fossils from the Early Cretaceous (Aptian-Albian) of western Queensland, Australia.

Frey E & Tischlinger H - “Solnhofen” pterosaurs with soft-tissue preservation:
details of wing membranes, sole pads and webbing of the pes.

Göhlich UB, Chiappe LM & Tischlinger H - Soft tissue preservation in the skeleton of Juravenator (Theropoda, Coelurosauria) from Schamhaupten.

Hone DWE, Dyke GJ & Ibrahim N – Germanodactylus cristatus reunited.

Hone DWE & Naish D - Perceptions of pterosaurs through time – a brief history.

Kellner AWA - Comments on the monophyly of the Tapejaridae and new information on Thalassodromeus and Tupuxuara (Pterodactyloidea) from the Aptian-Albian Santana formation (Brazil).

Martill DM, Gale A & Witton M - First Coniacian (Late Cretaceous) pterosaur from the Chalk Formation of England.

Martill DM, Witton M & Campos HBN - What is Tupuxuara? A review of an enigmatic pterosaur

Piñuela Suárez L - Evidence of pterosaur tracks in the Late Jurassic of Asturias (Northern Spain).

Pereda-Suberbiola X, Company J & Ruiz-Omeñaca JI - Azhdarchid pterosaurs from the Late Cretaceous (Campanian-Maastrichtian) of the Iberian Peninsula: an update.

Prondvai E, Frey E, Hone DWE & Tanács T - Body volume, mass and weight estimation in Rhamphorhynchus and other pterosaurs: a new method.

Signore M, Santaniello V, Veldmeijer AJ & Campos HBN - Preliminary phylogenetic analysis of a new specimen of pterodactyloid pterosaur from the Cretaceous of Brazil.

Steel L - The palaeohistology of pterosaur bone: an overview.

Tischlinger H & Frey E - “Solnhofen” pterosaurs with soft-part preservation: soft-tissue crests and occipital cones, preservation of muscles and hairy structures.

Witton M – A large, enigmatic azhdarchoid from the Crato Formation (Early Cretaceous, Aptian) of Brazil.


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