Location: Munich, Bayern, Germany

Monday, March 19, 2007


I have had a few queries about abstracts so I though I should add a few qualifiers for you all.

Abstracts for the meeting do not require any special formatting. Please send us a short abstract of one page (A4) Word Document with the title, your name and affliliation (institution), and then the main text (and any references) in 12 point single spaced text in any common font (Times, Arial etc).

We will do the necessary formatting at this end when we prepare the handouts for the meeting. We will allow some extended abstracts for those that especially need it (where a figure is essential, or we feel the text could benefit from being given more space) so please contact me for requests.

Don't forget that the submission is single spaced so this does actually give you quite a lot of text to play with if the references are limited. Please keep the references in a 'standard format' of one of the major journals to make our lives easier (such as JVP, Palaeontology, Evolution etc.).

Don't forget that although the meeting will focus on pterosaurs, we are open to any submissions that reflect the research that Dr Wellnhofer has produced through his career. Only the special volume will be limited to pterosaurs. On that subject, I also now have the 'Instructions for authors' document available as a PDF for those wishing to submit a paper to the special volume of Zitteliana that will come from the meeting.