Location: Munich, Bayern, Germany

Monday, June 11, 2007


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The official closing date for submissions to the meeting has now closed, but somewhat inevitably I am still waiting for a small number of abstracts. Some people are on fieldwork / holiday so I will of course wait for their replies, but I would ask that those who have promised abstracts to send them in as soon as possible.

There is still room for poster presentations, so those wishing to submit abstracts for posters may do so. However, we intend to have the meeting handbook prepared shortly so the end of this month so the most I can offer is a 2 week extension (until Friday the 21st of June) for poster abstracts. Posters may be submitted after this date, but we cannot guarantee that abstracts will make it into the handbook after this date.

we do now have confirmation of the costs of the meeting. These are a little more than I had hoped, but still are far cheaper than most comparable meetings and so should not prove a barrier to anyone attending.

The fees are:
Euro 45 for researchers and 'the public' (anyone not affiliated to a research institute) and
Euro 25 for students (BSc, MSc, PhD or other associated degrees, currently registered to a research institute, museum, university etc.).
There is a further fee of 10 Euros per person wishing to go on the field trip.
Payments can be made electronically (e-mail me for the bank details) or in cash at the meeting. Reciepts are available to those who require them (written or by e-mail). NOTE: space for the filed trip MAY be limited (we do expect to be able to accommodate everyone, but cannot guarantee it - preference will be given to those who register first).

These fees cover the basic costs of the meeting etc. AND the meeting dinner on the 12th (drinks are separate howevcer). A discount can be arranged for those who cannot make the dinner, but we would encourage everyone to do so if possible which is why this is included in the basic price. For those who cannot attend the meeting and wish to send Peter a message of some form, cards, e-mail, letters etc. can be sent to me to be passed on at the meeting. These can be read out to the audience if requested.

I can now confirm that we will be joined by a number of additional pterosaurian specimens from other European collections at the meeting, with specimens from Vienna, Karlsruhe, the Solnhoffen and Basel making it to the meeting (if all goes according to plan!).

We are still interested in taking submission for the special volume of Zitteliana that will come out from this meeting. This volume will be devoted to pterosaurs and all submissions will be formally reviewed. However space may be limited so we cannot guarantee that all submissions (after review) will be included. Based on current numbers though, this is unlikely to be a problem. We WILL accept manuscripts submitted by people not attending the meeting, but understandably priority will be given to those who do.

I now have over 55 people who have confirmed that they will attend in September, however a large number have also expressed an open interest without following it up with a formal letter of intent. In order to plan fully for the conference dinner (12th) and the fieldtrip (14th) we do need to obtain some relatively 'hard' numbers for attendees. For ANYONE attending the conference (regardless if you have contacted me or not at any time) i would like the following information as soon as possible:

- What date do you plan to arrive / register at the museum (the 10th or 11th).
- If you are attending the conference dinner (12th).
- If so, do you have any special requirements (vegetarian, nut allergy etc.)?
- Are you coming on the field trip?
- If you are looking to share a hotel room to reduce costs (I will put people in contact who would like to do this).
I would also like your full name, title, institutional address and e-mail address for the meeting handbook.

These are all important as we cannot confirm either the transport for the fieldtrip or the dinner without knowing how may people will be attending so do please send them on. Again, people registering later than the 15th will still be welcome to the conference but I cannot guarantee space at the dinner or field trip.

If you are planning on attending the meeting even if you do not wish to present a poster or talk then do please contact me.

Thanks again and i look forward to seeing you all in September.